For a day, even a week or more, own your very own area with 5,133 sqm and a cabin to relax in.

Maney Hill Camp is an enchanted and serene place with absolutely stunning secluded panoramas of the surrounding hills and forests.

Jeremiah Fuentes
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Very peaceful and the scenery is just breathtaking. You dont see views like that just anywhere. If you're looking for a place where you can just breathe and take in the view, I totally recomend going to Maney.
Maureen Eva Barbosa
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The place is so perfectly relaxing. You're close to nature as you view the rice fields, the mountains and the greenery. it is also perfect for star gazing.
Nueve Trece
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The meadows are Best for Pictotials and photo ops. Also of u want to experience the quiet of the country side , the site is perfect for camping .
Fernes Palangdao
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Ang daming pwedeng gawin! Live band, Bbq, Karaoke, Bonfire, i think suitable lahat ng activities ditoo. Super duper will recommend this place sa friends ko!
Joy Viernes
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Nawala yung pagod ko the moment I saw the place. I was recharged all of a sudden kaya may energy agad ako for the activities.
Jhonleigh Belisario Ballena
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Its the best place to relax Babalik kami para subukan nman ung tent with my partner.

Why Maney Hill?

Established with the Department of Trade and Industry in 2019 as Maney Hill Retreat and Camping Site Rental, it’s name was derived from “Sitio Maney,” where the camp is located which is also on top of a Hill.

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A self-catered accommodation where you can use the facilities such as the  attic, balcony, tree house, cabins, or even set up your own tent and cook with twigs and woods.


¬†Explore the local area, do as little or as much as you like to make the very most of your days in nature. There’s also a range of activities on site which include nature walks, tours and visits to other attractions


The camp is solar-powered and best experience with tents over a campfire..  Watch the sunset, lie down under the stars, witness the sunrise and make memories with your family and friends.

Experience your inner peace with our offered facilities

Tree House

Kawa Hot Bath


Maney Hill Camp Sitio Maney, Barangay Caoayan, Licuan-Baay, 2819 Abra

Mobile:  09654985687

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